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Jewelry Photography - The art and science of lighting.

Photographing jewelry is a mixture of science and technique.  Science in order to understand the effects surface reflectivity and materials used will have when lighting the piece to it's best advantage.  Technique, in order to photograph it such a manner as to make the item as 3 dimensional as possible in a two dimensional medium.  I have worked with all types of jewelry from fine gold and silver to other metals, glass and dichroic materials more common to semi-conductors and silicon wafers.  The images are used for web, catalog, promotional materials, display, jury submissions, and book illustrations.

I have worked with jewelry designers, retailers and wholesalers nationwide, with the majority of them shipping jewelry to my studio for the shoot.  With many new clients we first do a preliminary test shoot prior to a full photo session.  This allows an opportunity for me to see what backgrounds and techniques work best, share multiple options with the client via a preview website, and come to a shared vision of what works best and stays within the client's budget for shooting and post-production.  I commonly charge a reduced fee for the test shoot provided that we then proceed with a full assignment.

For several years I have been working with Beth Williams, a local jewelry designer who creates one of a kind glass beads and jewelry by hand (hers are the hands you see in one of these images).  Each piece is unique and thus presents unique challenges for which we use a variety of backgrounds, lighting techniques and props to do her work justice.  More of Beth's unique pieces can be seen on her website at

As a sample of a full shoot for a client take a look at work I've done for Cape Ann Design, another one of a kind jeweler who creates jewelry from sea glass.  This is an example of a full shoot with uncorrected images.  I have the client then pick their selects from this site and provide me with the numbers of the images they want as final versions.

Use the form on our Contact Page if you wish to discuss your next jewelry image challenge or would like to see additional images.  I can also provide links to preview sites to show the variety of images I shoot during test and regular photo sessions.











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