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The samples on this page don't begin to fully represent the variety of products we've shot in the studio and on location.   I shoot so much product that it's broken it down into Food, Jewelry Industrial Product and Consumer Product.  On our Unusual portfolio page you find samples of the wide variety of artwork I've shot.  Simply put shooting product, especially reflective products is a specialty.  It's a matter of controlling lighting which sadly most photographers, can't do.  Our huge array of lighting equipment includes everything from 24 sq. ft. softboxes to a 64 cu. ft. fabric shooting enclosure to create that silky smooth look to a piece of silverware, serving platter, or mirror finished chrome industrial products. Shooting "reflectives" is a specialty whether they're small medical devices, weapons systems, GPS satellite components or huge dairy filtration systems.

In the case of industrial product and process photography commonly the product and/or process equipment can't come to you so you have to go to it.  I am fully capable of coming to you with virtually all of the equipment I might use at the studio.  The other thing worth mentioning is that many clients are sensitive about their technology and "showing all".  For some clients we have retouched photographs to eliminate certain proprietary elements, remove name plates or in other cases rearranged internal components in such a way as to result in a totally different end result should someone attempt to copy or recreate a process from the photograph.

In addition to our various portfolio's of product photography there is a separate portfolio of industrial location photography that includes more large product and systems as well as some of the facilities we've shot in.

If you don't see a sample specific to your need please contact me, I'll be very surprised if I don't have a sample I can send you.  I'm shooting all the time and I'm not always great at updating my own website.  Use the form on our Contact Page if you wish to discuss your next image challenge or would like an estimate.  When possible I'm happy to meet with you to see what you have to photograph first hand so that I can provide the most accurate estimate.  We can also discuss whether it's more cost and time effective to shoot your assignment on location or in studio.  Equipment/Product that is shipped to the studio is usually shot within 72 hours.  If you need it done sooner I'm happy to try to accommodate, usually without a rush fee.  Send me some information and I'm happy to supply a quote or ask the questions I need to give you an accurate quote.  Mention that you found me through my Google Adwords ad and receive a 10% discount on post production fees or free return shipping of your product.  There is  never a charge or fee for preliminary meetings whether we work together or not.











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