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Photoshop - Because the subject isn't always perfect, if it even exists!

I started with Photoshop at version 2.5 and went to using it on both Mac and PC platforms at version 3.  I participated in the Adobe beta testing program for versions 3-5 so Photoshop is not something new around here.  That said, Photoshop is used only when necessary, some times for simple retouching,  taking out distracting backgrounds or putting products photographed against different backgrounds on the same background for continuity in a brochure or catalog.  Other times I've created large sized, attention getting tradeshow graphics and truck wraps.  On occasion I’ve created products and/or packaging before they existed.  For several clients who didn't have a sufficient amount of the product they wanted photographed, I created more. 

Our logo image, a composite created with half an eye that was duplicated and flipped to create a full eye, a semiconductor wafer and thin film circuit, is one of the samples in this portfolio.  It was used by a client to illustrate a series of ads which discussed the optics of their microscopes.

Most of these samples have an interesting story behind them.  Let me know if you need more information about any of them.

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