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Industrial Location Photography - Lighting is a specialty.

 As you can see by some of these samples I’ve shot in a wide variety of industrial plants and environments and can produce the images that best reflect on the quality of your product or facilities.  In many cases a photographer calls him/herself an industrial photographer because they have a camera and a tripod.  They depend on the white balancing capabilities built into most digital cameras to deal with the ambient light of the plant.  Commonly this results in a photograph that's "good enough", which I consider to be the same as acceptably mediocre.  Good enough usually isn't if you want your images to display your equipment to its best advantage, especially when dealing with difficult to light locations and products.  I have lighting equipment that can supply huge amounts of light spread over large areas or finely tune the available light by adding just a bit more controlled light in just the right place, or more importantly, building the light levels in a space to eliminate the reflections inherent in being limited to just available light. As you can see by the images in this portfolio I've lit and shot operating systems that are extremely large.

I provide industrial and industrial product photography throughout the Metro Boston area, Massachusetts, New England and beyond.  Client shoots have taken me all over the East Coast, Nation-wide, Canada and Mexico.  I can bring lighting equipment that will either fill an SUV, if driving, or fit in a carry-on when flying.  Specialties include: industrial product photography of all sizes of product, large to small, on location and in studio, manufacturing photography, annual report photography, and facilities photography.  Be sure to look at our separate portfolio of industrial product photography.

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