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Food Photography - Lighting for taste and texture.

I shoot a variety of food and food preparation equipment for use on company web sites as well as in packaging, display and sales support materials.  I provide food photography that is used by manufacturers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, inns, and caterers as well as their manufacturing facilities, restaurants and banquet facilities, some of which you can see in on our  Architectural page.  The emphasis of our food photographs is to provide a clean images with maximum information about the food/menu item, not the props.  Many of the food photography clients we service are in the  B2B market where the client is trying to give the buyer confidence that what they see is what they get, with no surprises..

Is it more convenient for you to shoot your product at your location rather than in studio, that's no problem.  We can review your product and bring the studio to you if we feel it works.  The obvious advantage is you're available all day to your clients and staff and in the event that any item is blemished or otherwise not what you want to shoot it's far more convenient to bring in another piece or prepare another shot from product on hand.

It's the hands of Scott Wood of Tuck Inn Bed and Breakfast kneading dough who bakes all of the items you see in the final shot of this gallery.  If you're staying the night at Tuck save your appetite for a fantastic breakfast that always features fresh baked items that Scott and Liz gets up very early to bake fresh every day.

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