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Address: 1 Kiddie Drive, #152A, Avon Industrial Park, Avon, MA  02322
Cell & Text: 978.337.1818

Feel free to contact me through any of the means listed above.  I'm  happy to discuss whatever image challenge you have coming up and if possible, discuss solutions.  If it's a local location shooting I'm happy to visit you, review the project with you and then give you an estimate.  In most cases the shooting fee includes unlimited use by the original client.   We try to help the client maximize the value of the photography services we provide by preparing them for whatever use the client may have... web, print, ad, or trade show display.

Client Usage Rights
I have a very simple policy on usage rights for 99% of my work...  The original client is granted unlimited use while I retain copyright.  The only client restriction is that the image can't be given away to any third party interested in the image.  In that case, were the original client comfortable with the third party use, they'd refer them to me, I'd work out a usage fee with them and the original client would receive a credit based on the size of the usage fee for their next photo shoot.  These usage rights permit the client to use any image however they'd like for as long as they like in any media they like.  If you have a photo need that involved trade secrets or sensitive technology just let me know.  I've shot for many high tech and defense industry clients and I'm happy to discuss signing a NDA.

Want a Quote?  Need something shot rush?  Send/Ship me your challenge! 
Use the form below to send me a little info about whatever imaging challenge you may have.  You can be as detailed or as brief as you like.  * Name and email are all I ask for at the minimum and I'll be in touch.  If you have an immediate project you'd like a quote for give me some details and I'll be happy to send you a quote or ask more questions if I need additional information.  All equipment/products that are shipped to my studio are generally photographed and on their way back within 72 hours.  If you need something shot faster than that I'll try to accommodate, without a rush fee in most cases.

Special for NEW clients - 10% DISCOUNT on fee portion of your first photo shoot.  Just mention "New Client Discount" after you tell me what your image challenge is.

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1 Kiddie Drive, #152A, Avon Industrial Park, Avon, MA  02322
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