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In most cases the greatest challenge in architectural photography is finding a way to help the architect, interior designer, builder, craftsman, or building owner tell their story.  Second is finding the angle that conveys the maximum amount of information and finally figure out a way to light it or deal with limited time that doesn't permit time so set up a lot of supplemental lighting.  Lighting can be very subjective…  Light for accuracy?  Light for effect?  Light for maximum detail?  Each is valid and each has its challenges.  One location can take 30 minutes to shoot, the next 5 hours.  Photography in bathrooms is always a challenge because you need wider lenses and a place to hide yourself and/or the camera given all of the mirrors.  Shooting exterior building views and landscape design is more than just showing up, it's a matter of knowing how the building is sited on the property and what time of day is best to shoot it.  Same thing with landscape...  It doesn't do much good if you're there during the time of day when you're shooting into the sun.  I always make a point of discussing with the client not only where, but when, even if it's at dawn so that you can get some light onto that North facing building.

We have a large amount of lighting equipment that can supply huge amounts of light spread over large areas or finely tune an image by adding just a bit more in just the right place.  As you can see by some of these samples we’ve done location photography of private residences of all sizes, images for hotels, inns, schools, museums, flooring contractors, and custom staircases for a supplier whose work might be described as architectural sculpture.  Shooting interiors for restaurants presents a special challenge as the areas are large and time is at a premium.  We commonly have to keep supplemental lighting to a minimum and use a Photoshop technique to combine multiple images shot at different exposures to create a final image that allows for deep shadows in some areas and direct sunlight in others.  To see some of the large industrial facilities we've shot be sure to look at our Industrial Location portfolio page.

Services include architectural photography, interior photography, bathroom photography, restaurant photography, interior design photography, construction specialty photography.  We can also provide samples of both architectural and mechanical systems progress photography.

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